Old Wood Sign Post

Old Wood Sign Post

These old fashioned wood directional signs are 100% mesh. Each sign is only 0.5 LI, so linking two signs is still only 1 LI. These were designed to make it easy to add your text, without needing to recreate the wood texture of the sign itself. Each sign has a texture face on top of the wood that can be selected, and your text can be added on top of the sign itself.

The included sample sign post is a total of 3LI in weight, and the post is a simple prim. You can unlink the signs from the sign post and use them however you desire.

Texturing the sign to add your own text is easy. Just select the texture face on the front and/or the back of the sign, being careful not to select the entire face. Then add your text image to the texture face. It will apply the text like paint over the wood.

Old Wood Sign Post

100% Mesh

Land Impact: 0.5

Permissions: Copy/Modify

Marketplace Listing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TD-Creations-Old-Wood-Sign-Post/6550629