TD Creations Policies

All items, unless otherwise stated, are sold with copy/modify/no transfer permissions. This means that the item can be used in Second Life by the avatar that purchased it. If for some reason you lose your item, you can have it redelivered using the redelivery terminal at the inworld store. If you wish to purchase it for another avatar, use the gift option on the Marketplace or in the inworld store.

Because the items are no transfer, there are absolutely no refunds. In the case of an error or double purchase, include the relevant transaction information when contacting me for assistance. If you intend on purchasing as a gift, please make sure you order properly. No refunds will be given if you mistakenly order for yourself instead of your friend.

If you’re seeking assistance, please send me a detailed IM. If I’m not inworld, I will receive the IM in my email and will be able to respond as soon as I’m available. Please don’t send notecards only as I’m not able to read notecards in my email. I will usually respond within 24 hours to detailed messages.