Month: June 2018

Alora Parthena – Cum Slut City (RP)

Character Bio: Cum Slut City RP

Alora Parthena
Female Human Priestess/Acolyte
Chi Tau Sororitry Caretaker
Apparent Age: 18

Advanced Healing and Longevity: Through her connection with the magic of the land, and the gift of the old gods, Alora was gifted with advanced healing and regeneration abilities to the point where her aging process has completely stopped. Even if she were to be killed, as long as she remains in the city, she will return to life a short time later.

Escape: Alora has the ability to escape as needed from any situation that would threaten her. Her method of escape would vary from situation to situation and will always be successful.

Alora is shy and quiet. She works as the caretaker for Chi Tau Sorority. She works as both gardener and maid, doing her duties and staying out of the way of the guests. She won’t approach anyone first, but will respond when spoken to. She’s intimated by males, and her responses to them will always be brief with an attempt to leave their presence as quickly as possible.

Alora is a virgin. Cock is completely denied to her. She’s not allowed to touch them in away way. She can’t even use any phallic instruments. This is exactly the way she wants it.

Alora was born centuries ago, during the thirteenth century. Her mother was a prostitute. Her father was just one of her nameless johns. She lived in a small village with her mother and dozens of sisters in the outskirts of a small castle. The castle was the home of a beautiful priestess who was practiced in the dark arts, worshiping the old gods of sin and lust.

Alora had no brothers, it was believed that her mother drowned her sons after birth. Her girls, though, she taught from birth about the pleasures of sex and lust. They were expected, after they had their first menstrual cycle, to become prostitutes like their mother. In fact, that was the path all of Alora’s older sisters followed. Alora, though, was saved from that fate by a visiting sorceress.

The sorceress saw something in the ten year old girl, but what it was, she was never told. Alora’s mother was promised wealth in exchange for her daughter, a deal that her mother agreed to readily. The last she would see of her mother was the sorceress handing her mother a bag of jewels, and her mother impatiently waving away her daughter and the sorceress while she examined her newly acquired wealth. She did hear rumors later that the jewels came with a curse, but exactly what the curse was, or its effects on her mother, was never to be learned.

The sorceress took Alora up to the castle to meet the priestess. After the meeting, the priestess took young Alora on as her one and only acolyte. The one that she would teach all her dark arts to, and give her powers untold. She was to remain a virgin until her 21st year, when she would be sacrificed to the dark gods to be reborn as their priestess, with powers beyond compare.

Alora spent the next eight years learning from the priestess. Learning all the dark incantations, watching and learning from her lewd sexual acts, even traveling into other dimensions to see her interact with the beasts and demons beyond. She took in everything eagerly, knowing that one day she’d have the same powers, and receive the same rewards.

When Alora was 18, crusaders stormed the village and castle. The priestess tried to use her dark arts to stop the invasion, to no avail. As the crusaders broke through the gates, they began slaughtering the priestess’s followers. The priestess, not wanting to see the same fate befall her progeny, used her dark arts to give Alora the power to escape the fate that was falling on them all, a fate that the priestess appeared unable to avoid. After all, save Alora, were slaughtered, the crusaders tore the castle to the ground, the remains of the dead burned and doused with salt.

Soon after the crusaders had left, a woman arrived and found Alora by the body of the priestess. The woman claimed to be the sorceress that had taken her from her mother years ago. She wanted to get here before the crusaders, but had failed. She told Alora that the priestess was not gone, that the dark gods had saved her and Alora had been chosen to watch over the land and wait for the return of the priestess, for as long as it would take. She needed to simply reside in the land of the priestess and remain a virgin until the time came for her sacrifice and ascension in power. As long as she remained this way, the dark gods would preserve her youth and her life.

The promise of the second sorceress proved to be true. Alora did not age and she healed from injury quickly. She even found she could do without food or water if needed. This allowed her to survive the centuries of near isolation while the land remained barren and destitute.

In the late nineteenth century, a wealthy woman took a fanciful interest in the destroyed castle and the legends that surrounded it. She convinced her husband to purchase the land and build their new manor home where the castle once stood. After it was built, Alora, thinking the woman might be the priestess returning, was hired as the live-in help. Wild parties and much debauchery was to be had in the manor house, but it soon became clear to Alora, that this woman was not the priestess. The manor never stayed habited for long. The original owners died under mysterious circumstances, and those that lived there after never stayed for very long.

After a time, the government decided to create a prison for women who were unfaithful, whores, or otherwise seen as sexually impure and perverse. Alora was taken from the manor as one of the first prisoners, a fate she willfully accepted, hoping to find the priestess among the inmates that were sent there.

As time progressed, so did the technology, and the cruelty of the men who began using electricity to torture and kill the women in efforts to “cure” them. Alora had escaped the fate of the electric shocks many times, but other women were not so lucky. Alora knew this could not continue, so she in the early 1950’s, she managed to sabotage the equipment so that the next time they were used, a fire began. Many men and women died in that fire, something she had not intended, but it did work to free those women that survived.

When the asylum was built later in that same decade, Alora became an intern under the psychiatrist and scientist who built the asylum. He appeared to have a lot of knowledge about the history of the land, and she hoped that staying close to him would help her find the priestess. She even wondered if any of the female patients admitted for sexual deviance would be the priestess she’d long been waiting for.

For thirty years, she remained in the asylum, before all asylums were shut down by the government. After that, Alora found herself alone again. The manor was empty, the prison a burnt husk, and the asylum was locked and boarded up. Alora returned to the manor, and lived there alone for many more years, until the manor was found by Ancilla. Ancilla decided to convert the house into a Sorority for girls, and Alora stayed on to help care for the house and the girls. Soon after Chi Tau Sorority was founded, it became clear that the sexual energies were again flowing through the place, and Alora wondered if any of these girls would be the priestess she’d been waiting so long for.

A few months later, Trasee, Rose and Ancilla decided to extend the reach of the Sorority. A university was needed, for what was a sorority without a university. Chi Tau University came into being, and with it, a Chi Tau City soon built up around it. The old prison was rebuilt as the police station, while the old asylum remained boarded up in old town. All the while, Alora remained as caretaker for the Sorority, watching the girls as they went about their sexual desires. She knew something was different about each of the three founders. They all had their own unique gifts, more than any other girl that passed through the land in the past 800 years. She wondered if her wait could be over, if the priestess would again be revealing herself to the world. Until such a time, Alora would continue to serve and wait.