"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten."
Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Family is very important to me. The deep bonds that are forged, not by blood, but by our shared love for each other. It extends from my current family, to family members of the past. Like Lilo says, "nobody gets left behind, or forgotten." I know I'll never forget any family member who has come into my life.

Lola Darkwolf is the one who holds my leash now. I had been on my own for about half a year before we met. My last family all had gone their separate ways. It was March 16, 2015 when we met at Venustus. It was a night I would never forget. Three days later, on March 19, 2015, I accepted her collar. It was much faster than I anticipated or had even planned, but everything just felt so right.

She had shown me, even in that short period of time, how much she loved and cared. She was there for me when I needed it, even though I hadn't expected it. She was supportive and concerned with the well-being of her pets, her family, her loves. It was to her that I chose to bend my knees. It was a decision that I'll never regret. We were married on June 6, 2015, and that was a day of incredible joy that I was proud I could share with others.

Not everything has been smooth sailing. Like anything else, it had its shares of challenges. We have come through those challenges, stronger than before. I'm so happy to call her my Wife and my Mistress, always and forever.

As mentioned earlier, there are those in my past that I will always call family, even if we aren't together anymore. There is my former Mistress Julia and her wife Nat. Indy, Rosey, Arielle, Zoey and Magick, my sisters through Julia and Nat. Of course, there were also my old mates Soulkeeper and Morigan. Each one of them holds a different place in my heart, all special and dear to me, each in their own way. Most are no longer around, but nobody will ever be forgotten.